Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

One of the top climbing spots in the world

Geyikbayırı is one of the top locations in the world for Rock Climbing and here we have more than 1000 bolted sport climbing routes for all levels of climber.


The climbing season lasts almost 9 months from September till June with the rainy season generally from December to January. However you can climb in some sectors during this time.


New sectors are still opening and in the future the season will be longer for Geyikbayırı as we will be able to climb in areas above Geyikbayırı during the summer when the weather is usually too hot.

Furkan on wall
Metin &Giom
Touring Ski

Skiing and Ski Touring

Not just for rock climbing, also for ski touring

Most climbers think Geyikbayırı is just for rock climbing. But there is much more to discover.  Around Geyikbayırı there are many mountains above 2500m. In winter time you can go skiing at the Saklikent ski resort (around 45mins drive away) , or you can go ski touring during rainy days.


The ski touring season is really long for Antalya. You can ski tour until June. So, if you have plans to spend a long season here don't forget to bring your ski touring gear.



Explore the surrounding mountain and forest trails

The world famous Lycian way long distance hiking trail can be started from Geyikbayırı. There are many paths to explore in the area and you can hike to Trebenna Ancient City which has stunning panorama views of Geyikbayırı and Antalya.

You could also hike up the 1715m Geyiksivrisi Mountain which overlooks Geyikbayırı but it is probably best to arrange a guide and we could help with this. 

Metin &Giom

Climbing Courses

If you are new to climbing or looking to get some coaching, don't worry as Geyikbayırı is a place where you can easily find an English speaking professional guide or trainer. We can help to arrange a guide who can tailor the course to your requirements.